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Help wit some pro work

2012-09-12 16:43:22 by IronGuy

me and my fwend are making a real cartoon that will hopefully go on a tv network... we r going to take it seriously though and need ideas...its about a guy...and some other characxters i wont give away. anyway we need ideas on what kind of adventures our charecters will go on. it is an adult cartoon like south park or family guy. Big picture they are stoners and there is no line to step over...they can go driving high and run people over whatever ya know. will update on wether we succeed....if it becomes popular wouldn't u like to be part of it.?

I Love you

2012-06-04 16:15:39 by IronGuy

if u love me like i love you follow @ThomasTheCody on twitter and leave ur username here n i will also follow you! don't look too excited bout dat me ittll be kool

for the wholw scoop

Unrelated Help please

2011-01-10 16:40:31 by IronGuy

anyone know where I can download red dead redemption fo free cuz im iz a broke ass cracka and i want it.

The horse who lost track part 3

2010-08-27 17:46:42 by IronGuy

this will be a couple days in the making and i need some fresh idears . but i probly wont take your advice cuz u r gay so just shut up.


2010-07-22 15:40:22 by IronGuy

u get a cookie
(not really)vote dis

writing a movie

2010-07-19 12:59:55 by IronGuy

just fuckin around wit a lil experiment,

Im going to start the story and then u continue it , and sooo on and so on.
then we add them up.if i use the story to create a movie or work of somesort i will include you as an executive producer or writer or ill find something for you.anyway here we go.

Bob and Tim open their eyes.
Bob: wut the fuck happened last night!?!?!?
Tim: ewww... whos the naked dude?

(take this and use it as a basis and replyt with your part.)

gimme some ideas
if i use yours i will put u down as the co-whatever
author or,writer.


2010-05-17 16:30:40 by IronGuy


nintendo wii!

2009-08-17 16:20:00 by IronGuy

if you or a friend needs a wii get it here plus an extra controller! iewItem&item=250484414852&ssPageName=S TRK:MESELX:IT

nintendo wii!